Shadow Folk – Season’s End

Hailing from Halifax, Canada, Shadow Folk recently released a three track record, deeply influenced by some 60s psychedelic vibes. Three songs and three ways to reveal a huge love for that golden age.

After releasing the stunning Seagull Visions in 2013 (and the catchy Witch Woman for the first Poncho Records compilation), the trio found another way to express a peculiar songwriting in this brand new EP. Starting with the dreamy and sleepy Season’s End (so beautiful with that vocal line on reverb), the record offers a pleasant listening experience, giving us the chance to dig further into the band’s catalog.

The following Hey Ganeymwa is a claustrophobic track, pure lysergic sounds lying on a looping song structure. Anyway, this tune perfectly fits the track list, leading the listener to the third and closing Here at home.

Sounding like a mash up of The Byrds and Os Mutantes, Here at home closes the record, leaving us with a good feeling and the desire to discover more about the trio.