Mattia Schroeder – MatSch

Picture yourself drowning into a deep ocean of hazy vibes, with oscillating thrills that barely move from their place. That’s exactly how you stand at the gate of this eight track record.

The opening Schizo Urchin quietly introduces the listener to airy and dreamy soundscapes, constantly repeated and reinvented throughout the entire track list. Starting from that, this listening experience unlocks a peculiar cabinet of ideas, spreading tons of reverberated and echoing guitar lines on ghost-likely drum patterns.

The feeling of being surrounded by foggy drones and spooky choirs is really hard to avoid: that’s probably the key to connect all these tracks pieces by pieces. The range of landscapes offered by the record goes from sleepy atmospheres (Swamp) to restless and marching tunes (GegenMatti). Nothing seems to be out of place: just try to see how vocals and guitar lines are matched together on tracks like Twang.

The refined arrangements of Moon Drive With Me, with that particular undersea vibe, state one of the peaks of this record, gathering all the forces to explode in the following One Guitar Army.

MatSch is the perfect choice if you search for a great work in music composing, revealing a remarkable sound structure within each track.


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