Heroin In Tahiti – Peplum 7″

Have you ever heard of Heroin In Thaiti?
In case you’re not familiar with the band, I would strongly recommend to give a try to their stunning full-length Death Surf, before or after streaming their brand new Peplum 7″.

This Rome-based duo gained notoriety in the last years thanks to their peculiar way of drawing suggestive soundscapes with the use of appropriate drones and sounds effects. Offering a great mixture of surf-likely vibes and spectral background tones, the band released today a two track record via Yerevan Tapes: if you’re up for spooky atmospheres and tribal percussions, “Alo” could easily please your taste.

One of the things I always appreciated of this duo is their ability in using the surf music standards, turning the catchy stereotype around the genre into a creepy flow of sound waves. You can find here a longer article about the topic, explaining why the band played a central role for the development of drone music.

All the fans of ambient music, especially when combined with minimal electronic beats, will surely enjoy the listening.


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