Travel Check – 66$

Paris based Travel Check recently released 66$, a four step journey into a world made of fuzzy tones and garage sounds.

Starting with the title track, the listener is instantly surrounded by a catchy vibe. The beating drums feverishly sustain the hazy guitar chords, offering a great example of punk’n’roll. This way the band created a nice and joyful atmosphere, enriching the surf-pop sonorities with airy and strongly reverberated voices.

Third track La Gravière is a dirty and druggy rock’n’roll that restlessly flows for a two minute storm of fuzzy sounds. Just give it a listen to enjoy the powerful feeling this tune can offer.

Feels alright, last tune on this album, pushes the overdrive to the limit: it’s really easy to recognize a pure garage attitude on the arrangements and sound effects this french combo used.

No other word to describe the pleasant listening you can experience throughout the entire track list; you just have to stream this record over and over.


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