The Vickers – Ghosts

Florence based The Vickers recently released Ghosts, a great work of genius that starts with one of the greatest bass lines you can find on a record nowadays.

Surfing the late 60s revival, the band found a proper way to express such a lysergic vibe, with lots of acid guitar effects and steamy drums to sustain the tunes. This record would surely please all the psych-rock lovers, thanks to a genuine songwriting and a peculiar way of referring to the krautrock golden age.

You can find tons of references throughout the entire track-list: a little bit of Barrett’s harmonies in the vocals, a lot of 90s indiepop influences, remarkable garage-surf sonorities. Above all, the record could easily be listed as one of the best releases we had in 2014 so far.

The highly reverberated guitar licks help the tracks to reach a beautiful state of haziness, drowning the foggy sound of the album into a sea of spiralic sounds and hypnotic lines. It’s strongly recommended to enjoy this record in one shot, streaming the ten tracks as a continuos flow of sound waves.

Even if they play with most of the standard patterns from the recent psych-pop revival, they managed to create an unique sound, composing tracks that let the 60s atmospheres and the 90s fuzzy tones walk hand in hand.


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