Harp and a Monkey – All Life is Here

Released on March 24th, All Life is Here is the second full-length by Manchester-based trio Harp and a Monkey. This collection of folk-flavored tracks gently leads the listener into a foggy land, populated by fairy creatures and filled with ghostly landscapes.

Starting with a short intro, the record emanates a timeless atmosphere. It’s hard to avoid the feeling of being trapped into a child book, surrounded by pixies and spooky forests. The wide range of country-folk arrangements helps to create a pleasant vibe, running throughout the entire track list.

The amount of great ideas on the record reveals a growing songwriting, showing the trio’s abilities to put in music a world of traditions and centenary tales. Even if most of the stories come from the last two centuries, the entire atmosphere is blended with a timeless vibe, built on the immortal roots of British folk music.

Filled with lots of details about the songs, the booklet surely enriches the good quality of the album’s package, embellished with an adequate and elegant artwork: the pictures you find while enjoying the songs’ stories masterfully fit the sound of these compositions.

Lying on an ethereal sea of background sounds, the tracks offer tons of pleasant melodies, where folk instruments and fine electronic beats find the way to melt together into an unique stream of sound waves. No wonder why the band is so good at drawing misty and boundless landscapes.

Enjoy All Life is Here throughout the entire track list: listening to this record is like drowning into an ocean of celestial harmonies.


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