Les Rivals – Les Rivals

Next Saturday Les Rivals self named debut release will be out via Casbah Records, offering eleven tracks of pure adrenalin garage-rock.

The band certainly knows how to deal with the late 60s music vibes, creating a peculiar mixture of bluesy arrangements and garage-surf tones (there are even some acid atmospheres coming out from psych pop tracks like Take Me For a Ride).

The entire track list offers lots of brilliant ideas: the speeded up Stones on Hole In My Heart or the 80s sound of She Don’t Care as an example. Among the variety of arrangements the band adopted on this record, the finest are to be searched on last track Halfway There: a wide range of soundscapes flows pleasantly throughout this six minute composition, giving the feeling of a downward trip into lysergic lands.

At the end of the day, this debut full length shows a great improvement for the band, revealing a great songwriting and excellent skills in music composing (the perfect merge of the organ sound with the fuzzy guitar lines should be a damning evidence).

Starting with the powerful riff of Police Station, this album is a collection of enjoyable rock’n’roll tunes, filled with dynamic drum patterns, hazy sounds and tons of 60s vibes.


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