Deep Space – Berlin

Deep Space shared a five track record named Berlin (out May 10) on their Bandcamp account. You can stream the album in its entirety and enjoy the hazy vibes over and over.

Starting with the psych-rock of The Streets (so Moon Duo-likely in its arrangements) the record offers a great sample of fuzzy songs, filled with lots of feedback and dynamic drum patterns. They trio explores the late 60s lysergic sound, combining the fuzzy tones and the powerful structures with a clear krautrock attitude.

The entire record is a journey into foggy lands, with some bass lines leading the listener through a hypnotic mantra (the 6 minutes of Baby Walk as an example).

After the garage-flavored Sunshine Prettyside, the record evaporates into the long and sublime The Garden: 8 minute of oriental atmospheres, strongly reverberated voices, tribal percussion, elegant sitar lines and omnipresent acoustic guitars.

Surely, one of the best acts you can see at Berlin Psych Fest!


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