Freelove Fenner – Surveilling the Void

On January 19, Canadian Freelove Fenner shared the first of three black & white videos, intended as a trilogy named “Surveilling the Void” concerning the life of an ex Soviet spy.

In conjunction with the reissue of the first two EPs, these videos offer an old-fashioned three piece narration, featuring some tracks from latest Do not Affect a Breezy Manner. Shot on Kodak Tri-X Super 8 film, the three clips explore the life of a woman in her post-espionage daily routine, emulating the style of some famous Russian directors (Vertov and Ejzenštejn as an example).

It’s easy to find these references in the “interlude” video (second part of the trilogy), especially through the typical rough cuts among the scenes.

Enjoy the desolated landscapes of this shooting while listening to the superb soundtrack from Do Not Affect A Breezy Manner.

Here you can find the second and the third part.


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