Plantains/Os Noctambulos – Split

Michigan natives Plantains (now Heaters) and Paris-based Os Noctambulos worked together to create a split album that removes all doubt about the influence garage rock and surf music played on both of the bands.

Out February 17 via Stolen Body, the record counts on a really nice packaging: the two color vinyl perfectly fits the idea of a split album, with 6 tracks on each side.

Starting with Plantains’ contribute to the record, the A-side is a storm of fuzzy tones, saturated guitar/vocals effects and splashing drums: all of this paying a strong tribute to the 60s surf legends. Probably revealing their best with On The Fence, Plantains blended the acid tones of the psychedelic era with the powerful structures of garage music.

From their side, Os Noctambulos made a great work, arranging a collection of surf’n’roll tracks that blend catchy guitar riffs with dynamic patterns: give a listen to Hand in Hand (With the Devil) or Lizard In A Woman’s Skin to feel in love with their way of composing.

A sustained organ line gives the songs a peculiar background sound, enriching the structures with a old-fashioned vibe.

Ending the B-side with the bluesy You Make Me Mad (probably their peak on the record), Os Noctambulos proved their abilities in songwriting, creating a fine rock’n’roll ballad that features a simple but genial piano line.


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