Trappist Afterland – Like a Beehive, The Hill Was Alive

Last June Melbourne based Trappist Afterland came out with one of the best records from 2013, creating a peculiar mix of oriental-flavored atmospheres and acid vibes. Recently, The Active Listener brand new digital label released the album, sharing this psych folk gem on its Bandcamp account and offering us the chance to enjoy this album once again.

Picture yourself sitting by the Ganges, staring at the horizon while the sun goes down: that’s exactly the way this full-lenght makes you feel. Filled with tons of ethereal sounds, this record offers a great introduction to the devotional folk music scenario: it’s easy to follow the never ending stream of sitar lines, with a choir of celestial voices guiding you throughout this journey.

Listen to Beehive to get an idea: the way the lysergic vibes melt with the ascending progressions of the background choir it’s simply stunning.

It’s also hard to avoid the impression of attending a liturgy; throughout the entire track list a hypnotizing mantra traps the listener into a land made of psychedelic soundscapes and circular vocal lines. All of this sustained by tribal percussions and airy acoustic guitars.

If you’re a fan of alt-folk music, there’s no reason to miss this record. Thanks to their experimental attitude, these musicians explored the borders of a genre, showing us how to reach the undiscovered world of religious psych folk.


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