The Dirty Diary – Taste The Quiet Bone EP

Hailing from Middelfart (Denmark) The Dirty Diary is an injection of dirty blues, western guitar riffs, croaked voices and lo-fi tones. This Kennet Sorensen’s one-man-band project shared a six track EP on Bandcamp last September: Taste The Quiet Bone is everything you want from blues nowadays.

Throughout the entire track list, blues music seems to be an itch to scratch: the expressive urgency of the slide guitar is spread on slow patterns in such a great way, that you wonder why this guy didn’t gain the noteriety he deserves. Offering an amazing mixture of Tom Waits-influenced compositions and hazy guitar lines, the songs count on a minimal arrangement, with just a basic beat sustaining the structures.

The vibrating sound of Sorensen’s guitar pictures a western landscape, with clear references to some well-known Morricone’s compositions. The Twang feeling this record gives is mixed with tons of fuzzy sounds and supported but a really appropiate singing: Sorensen’s voice perfectly fits the scenario he’s trying to describe.

Even if it’s easy to find a comparison with some White Stripes atmospheres, you should probably remind of what Royal Trux did: the chewed and spat out blues they created is the main source for this kind of music.

Hoping to hear more from this Danish artist, you can enjoy all the records he released on his Bandcamp account. Surely a good solution if your searching for some raw guitar playing.


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