Factotum – Knife Gun

On January 27, Bristol based duo Factotum will release Knife Gun via Stolen Body Records: a nine track album that melts lysergic blues with sweaty and savage rock’n’roll.

Counting on a powerful mixture of garage vibes and lo-fi tones, the tracks flow easily through a 23 minute streaming of croaked voices, hazy guitar licks and crashing drum patterns.

The surf-flavored Melt, the chromatic progression of Minute, the fuzzy’n’sloppy Hey Hey Hey: just some of the bright ideas showed on this release. You can enjoy the psychedelic atmosphere of Wurlitzer to enter a world made of hazy sounds and highly reverberated guitar lines.

Although there is a strong influence coming from the American garage scene, this record offers a peculiar mix of blues and acid riffs, avoiding the risk of a mere replica. The way they use the slowed down soundscapes of the 12 bar blues pattern found its climax in last track Gentleman: a five minute journey into the spookiest corner of garage rock.

A vibrating organ sound closes the records, giving the impression of an accomplished ritual: a complete immersion into Factotum sonorities completely came to an end.


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