Mr. Moods & Erik Jackson – Promenades Nocturnes

Mr. Moods and Erik Jackson last year’s collaborative five track Ep is now completely available on Bandcamp. You can both stream the record and have a free download here.

The smooth jazz atmosphere of the record perfectly melts with a fine sense of songwriting, showing the way to combine trip hop vibes with lounge and downtempo sonorities. All of this creates a really pleasant collection of jazzy compositions, easy to enjoy at night (especially thanks to the slow cadenced drum patterns).

Accompanied by a constant surface noise, this record gently flows through the entire track list, offering a relaxing 20min experience. This way you can easily reach the crossroad among trip hop, jazz and soul music.

These soft vibrations will bring you to a world made of delicate voices, lonesome trumpets, jazzy electric pianos and nocturnal soundscapes.

No matter how or when you choose to enjoy the record, you’ll get drown in a sea of pleasant soundwaves anyway.


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